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Cloud Pass & Loyalty Service



This is All-in-One Cloud Pass Service and Cloud Loyalty Program for fast and easy production and maintenance of electronic loyalty cards, e-tickets, boarding passes, coupons, as well as other passes.
JET CARDS - Apple Wallet & Google Pay for Passes Service - EU / USA

The service supports the following industrial types of passes:

Apple Wallet - Cloud Service  

Apple Wallet (Passbook) Passes

Google Pay for Passes - Cloud Loyalty Program  

Google Pay for Passes

PDF Passes - Cloud Ticket Service  

PDF Passes


Loyalty Cards for Apple Wallet, Google Pay, iPhone, Android & Apple Watch, Windows JET CARDS Service supports the following types of devices:

   electronic discount cards for iPhone EU and US iPhone smartphones
   electronic discount cards service for Apple Watch in Europe Apple Watch smartwatches
   Apple Wallet Loyalty Passes for iPod touch Europe & USA iPod touch gadgets
   Wallet Passes Service price for Europe & USA macOS - MacBook, iMac & Mac computers
   Bonus Apple Wallet Passes for Android Europe & USA Android gadgets
   electronic tickets & boarding passes for Windows Phone in Europe Windows Phone gadgets
   loyalty wallet passes producing for BlackBerry in EU and USA BlackBerry gadgets

More than
More than 1,000,000,000 Apple Wallet (Passbook) / Google Pay Devices and loyalty passes produced in the world

mobile devices already have a preinstalled Apple Wallet (Passbook) or Google Pay application and are already ready to work with your electronic passes / documents and your loyalty program

We produce and maintain the widest range of passes:

Discount loyalty program cards Google Pay & Apple Wallet Service passes in Cloud for Europe     cloud electronic loyalty program coupons for Google Pay and Apple Wallet in Europe     cloud electronic tickets, boarding passes, Apple Wallet / Google Pay     cloud loyalty program stamp cards for Apple Wallet and Google Pay service

Get access to Apple Wallet / Google Pay loyalty program cloud service for free
JET CARDS service supports a variety of ways to distribute and download electronic cards (passes) for your customers:

  • Via SMS

  • Via QR-codes

  • Via e-mail

  • Via social networks

  • Via your web site

  • Via Eddystone (Physical Web)

  • Via Short URL

We support several modern technologies for communication with your customers:

  • PUSH - notifications

  • GPS - notifications

  • iBeacons - notifications
Apple Wallet / Google Pay Cloud Loyalty Program Service - Rich Push Notifications for Loyalty Cards

Apple Wallet /Google Pay  Cloud Loyalty Program Service - Get feedback from clients and NPS calculation
The service provides two-way communication with your customers:

  • Ordering goods / services directly from client's phone

  • Filling in a variety of forms

  • Receiving goods / services rate from clients

  • Receiving reviews and complaints from clients

  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) calculation

  • Calling the operator of your hotline

  • Link to your web-site

  • Sending e-mail

1D / 2D cloud loyalty program e-cards for Apple Wallet Google Pay Cloud Service
We support 1D / 2D barcodes and NFC
to identify your customers:
  • QR
  • PDF 417
  • Aztec
  • Code 128
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)

We have a lot of experience and a ready set of marketing tools:

cloud SMS and push messages for loyalty e-cards Apple Wallet / Google Pay service
  • More than 10 years of successful experience in the development and implementation of custom Loyalty Programs

  • More than 5 years of successful experience of implementation and maintenance of Apple Wallet and Google Pay for Passes

  • We offer not just some mobile application, but a modern loyalty program and a whole set of effective marketing & loyalty tools

What does the JET CARDS service include?

BI - Business intelligence for Apple Passbook & Wallet Loyalty Cloud Service

Main components of the service:

  • Cloud Loyalty Program (discount cards, bonus cards, stamp cards ...)
  • Pass dashboard for Apple Wallet / Google Pay for Passes / PDF passes management
  • Online WYSIWYG pass designer
  • Quick web forms for registering new customers or for receiving feedback from existing customers
  • REST API and documentation for integration with other systems
  • Cloud Loyalty Client - mobile application - pass scanner & verifier, loyalty program client
Apple Wallet Passbook & Cloud Loyalty Service Features

Service Features:

  • Creation of pass templates, pass designes
  • Creation of Apple Wallet / Google Pay / PDF passes
  • Pass distribution (via SMS, e-mail, QR)
  • Pass updating (discounts, bonuses, stamps, offers, events, contacts, other info ...)
  • Push notifications management
  • Management of iBeacons and GPS notifications
Cloud Loyalty and Wallet Reporting and Business intelligence

Reporting and Business Intelligence:

  • Reporting by Apple Wallet / Google Pay passes (creation, installation, updating)
  • Reporting by devices (OS, registration, unregistration, PUSH receiving)
  • Loyalty Program Reporting
  • Business Intelligence (BI) - QlikView / Qlik Sense, Power BI, Tableau (additional service)
Service Desk for Apple Wallet Loyalty Cards

Technical support and consulting:

  • Standard technical support (5 days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m. Central European Time)
  • Premium technical support (7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 23:00 p.m. Central European Time)
  • Loyalty program consulting
  • Help in creating / changing pass design
  • Help in push notification campaigns
Additional service Apple Wallet electronic loyalty cards

Additional services:

  • Custom Loyalty Program development & implementation
  • Integration any kind of new system with your POS / ERP / CRM / NPS / Loyalty Program
  • Mobile Applications development for Mobile Applications for iOS Loyalty iOS
  • Mobile Applications development for Mobile Applications for Android Loyalty Android
  • Web Services development
  • BI solutions development (QlikView / Qlik Sense, Power BI, Tableau)

JET CARDS Service integration with other systems:

  • Pre-integration with BAS ERP, 1C-Enterprise

  • Pre-integration with GMS Office Tools

  • Integration with Loyalty and POS Mobile Applications for iOS iOS apps

  • Integration with Loyalty and POS Mobile Applications for Android Android apps

  • REST API for integration with your POS / ERP / CRM / NPS / Loyalty Program