JET CARDS - Apple Wallet & Google Pay Pass Service

As well as a cloud loyalty program and ticket service

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Don't reinvent the wheel!

Industry standards for cards, tickets, documents were invented by Apple and Google a long time ago, and consumers from all over the world are already using them

More than mobile devices already have the pre-installed Apple Wallet or Google Pay application and are ready to work with your loyalty program, your cards, tickets and other documents

mobile devices already have the pre-installed Apple Wallet or Google Pay application and are ready to work with your loyalty program, your cards, tickets and other documents

Your time has come to join this game!

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The service supports the following industrial types of digital documents (passes):

JET CARDS service serves the widest range of devices:

Google Pay for passes service Android gadgets
Apple Wallet pass service iPhone smartphones
Apple Watch Wallet Pass Service Apple Watch smartwatches
iPod touch Wallet Pass Service iPod touch gadgets
Windows Pass Service Windows Phone gadgets
BlackBerry Pass Service BlackBerry gadgets

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The service allows you to issue and maintain the widest range of digital documents:

Wallet - Boarding Passes
Wallet - Event Tickets
Wallet - Stamp Cards, Gamification
Wallet - Passes, business cards, season passes
Wallet - Coupons

Bonus Cards

Bonus cards motivate customers to return

Stamp Cards, Gamification

Gamification and collecting encourage your customers to consume more effortlessly

Discount Cards

Discounts and privileges for your customers


Coupons help to attract new customers, as well as stimulate sales of a certain group of goods / services


Personal and bulk offers, promotions and sales

Gift cards

Gift Cards - universal gift and own currency

Concert tickets

Movie tickets

Exhibition tickets

Event invitations

Boarding Passes

Airplane tickets

Other transport tickets

Tickets for train, bus, ferry, ship, subway, public transport

Business cards



Club cards

Season passes

Insurance policies

Hotel reservations

Information cards

Custom Passes

Other passes

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JET CARDS service supports many ways to distribute and download digital cards & documents:

  • Via SMS
  • Via QR-codes
  • Via email
  • Via your website
  • Via Short URL, social networks, messengers
  • Via Eddystone (Physical Web)

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Apple Wallet / Google Pay - Push GPS iBeacons notifications

The service supports several modern technologies for communication with your customers:

  • PUSH notifications longer than 10,000 characters
  • GPS - geo-notifications with a range of up to 1,000m
  • iBeacons - geo-notifications with a range of 5m - 50m through special Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) - beacons
Google Pay / Apple Wallet Loyalty & Tickets notifications

JET CARDS service provides two-way communication with your customers:

  • Filling out forms
  • Receiving customer ratings for a product / service
  • Receiving feedback and complaints from customers
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) calculation
  • Calling hotline operator
  • Ordering goods / services directly from the smartphone
  • Links to your website, customer account
  • Sending email letters
1D / 2D / NFC passes for Google Pay & Apple Wallet

The service supports 1D / 2D barcodes and NFC for identification:

  • QR
  • PDF 417
  • Aztec
  • Code 128
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
Apple Wallet & Google Pay Loyalty Program

We have extensive experience and a ready-made set of marketing tools:

  • More than 15 years of successful experience in the development and implementation of loyalty programs
  • More than 7 years of successful experience in issuing and servicing Apple Wallet / Google Pay / PDF passes
  • We offer not just some kind of mobile application, but a modern loyalty program and a whole set of effective marketing tools

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What does JET CARDS service include?

The main components of the service

  • Pass management console
  • Cloud loyalty program (discount loyalty, bonus loyalty, stamp cards)
  • Online WYSIWYG pass designer for Apple Wallet / Google Pay / PDF passes
  • Instant Web Forms for registering new customers, updating information for existing customers, collecting feedbacks
  • REST API and documentation
  • Cloud Loyalty Client is mobile app, which supports the redemption of Apple Wallet / Google Pay / PDF passes

Service Features

  • Creation and updating of pass templates, pass designs
  • Creation and updating of Apple Wallet / Google Pay / PDF passes
  • Pass distribution (via SMS, email, QR, ShortURL)
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Loyalty program & Ticket service data management
  • GPS and iBeacons geonotifications management

Reporting, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning

  • Reporting by Apple Wallet / Google Pay / PDF passes (creation, installation, updating)
  • Reporting by devices (OS, registration, unregistration, PUSH receiving)
  • Loyalty program reporting
  • Business Intelligence (BI) & Machine Learning (ML) solutions development (additional service)


    Standard tech support
    Monday – Friday
    9-00 am to 6-00 pm (EET)

    Premium tech support
    from 9-00 am to 9-00 pm (EET)
    without days off

Additional services

  • Audit your business processes and develop a concept of unique loyalty program
  • Loyalty program start & restart
  • Loyalty program consulting
  • Marketing campaign management

Design & Development

  • Integration with your POS / ERP / CRM / NPS / Loyalty program
  • Mobile app development
    ( iOS & Android)
  • Web service development
  • BI & ML
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Integration with other systems:

JET CARDS is affordable service!

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