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Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, Pass2U & PDF Passes

With Apple Wallet & Google Wallet passes & documents, you can quickly transform physical documents and IDs into digital ones, and your customer engagement processes transform from offline to online

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SharePoint 2019 & SharePoint Online

We will assemble your team from all over the world in one convenient place, and your business processes will be simple, transparent and effective.


your business processes, flows and documents


and planning of models of future processes

Design & Development

ASP.NET, C#, CSOM, JavaScript, JSOM, MDS, SOD, CSR, jQuery, mQuery, CSS, BootStrap, CAML, T-SQL, PowerShell




Solutions for transport and warehouse logistics

Logist Office - Solutions for transport and warehouse logistics

Logist Office is a logistics portal that brings together shippers and freight forwarders in one site. This platform allows you to make the process of ordering trucks transparent, controlled and optimal in terms of price & quality

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